Why should I buy an investment fund?

Your wealth is composed of various assets, including real estate, bank accounts,- and saving accounts. None of them offer a real possibility of growing your wealth in the current market environment and with satisfying liquidity. Investment funds are a safe and easy way of letting your wealth grow

It’s all about investors’ time / will / knowledge and safety

Running an investment portfolio is a complex and timely process. You should take into account your risk profile and return objective, analyse the financial market, execute transactions and monitor performance and risk. Even if you have the time and the will, it will be an enormous challenge. Therefore, you might prefer to delegate your investments to a professional.

Extended access to the global financial markets

As an individual investor, you have only a limited access to the global financial markets. Also, interest investment instruments are often only available for institutional investors, as they require a minimum denomination of EUR 100.000 of more.  Via professionally managed investment funds, you can invest in the worldwide financial markets, access different asset classes and investment styles of complex investment approaches.

Investment funds have built-in diversification

A diversified portfolio in for instance high yield or equities requires around 50 to 100 individual positions. This level of diversification is difficult to achieve for most individual investors.  Investment funds offer you a liquid and diversified portfolio, independent of the investment amount.